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Short Bio

Arvind W Kiwelekar is working as a Professor in Computer Engineering and Dean (Value Education and Social Responsibility). He has about thirty years of teaching and research experience. His research areas of interests include diverse topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, ICT for Sustainable Development (ICT4D), Learning Analytics, Machine Learning, Ontological Modelling, and Software Architecture. He has published twelve book chapters, Seven journal papers and 22 research papers in peer-reviewed leading international conferences. He received research fellowships from IBM, the Indian Academy of Sciences and MHRD.

He is graduated with PhD (2012) from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, ME from VJTI (1999) and B E (1991) from Marathwada University.

He is the founding Head of the Department of Computer Engineering at DBATU for twenty years. He was Registrar of the DBATU for three months. He also served for a short duration on research projects at C-DAC and TIFR.

He received grants to establish Teachers Training Center at DBATU under PMMMNMTT and ATA Freight to establish industry-sponsored research programs. The alumni of DBATU has constituted an award naming after him the ‘AWK prize’ to recognize his dedicated efforts for teaching at DBATU.

My Recent Publications

  1. Garg R., Kiwelekar A.W., Netak L.D., Bhate S.S. (2021) Potential Use-Cases of Natural Language Processing for a Logistics Organization. In: Gunjan V.K., Zurada J.M. (eds) Modern Approaches in Machine Learning and Cognitive Science: A Walkthrough. Studies in Computational Intelligence, vol 956. Springer, Cham.
  2. Garg R., Kiwelekar A.W., Netak L.D., Bhate S.S. (2021) Personalization of News for a Logistics Organisation by Finding Relevancy Using NLP. In: Gunjan V.K., Zurada J.M. (eds) Modern Approaches in Machine Learning and Cognitive Science: A Walkthrough. Studies in Computational Intelligence, vol 956. Springer,
  3. Rachit Garg, Arvind W Kiwelekar, Laxman D Netak, Akshay Ghodake, i-Pulse: A NLP based novel approach for employee engagement in logistics organization, International Journal of Information Management Data Insights, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2021,
  4. A book chapter authored by Patil Y.N., Kiwelekar A.W., Netak L.D., Deosarkar S.B. (2021), “A Decentralized and Autonomous Model to Administer University Examinations.” In: Lee SW., Singh I., Mohammadian M. (eds) Blockchain Technology for IoT Applications. Blockchain Technologies. Springer, Singapore
  5. Kiwelekar, Arvind W. “A Software Architecture Teacher’s Dilemmas.” arXiv preprint arXiv:2101.09434 (2021).
  6. Thakare S, Kiwelekar AW. Recovery and Analysis of Architecture Descriptions using Centrality Measures. arXiv preprint arXiv:2101.09422. 2021 Jan 23.
  7. A paper authored by Arvind W Kiwelekar, Swanand Navandar and Dharmendra K Yadav A Two-Systems Perspective of Computational Thinking has been presented in the Special Session on Cognitive Learning Analytics held in the 12th International Conference on Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction (IHCI2020) at Exco-Daego South Korea from 24th to 26th November 2020.

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Machine Learning Course on Thinkific (offered at DBATU during September 2020 to Jan. 2021)

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